Haunted Legends of New England: Supernatural Odyssey of the USS Salem


Ticket Descriptions:

Solo Sailor: $75

If you're not keen on a tour, feel free to grab your equipment and explore the ship. You'll still have the opportunity to meet special guests and enjoy refreshments and snacks, but you'll be able to investigate at your own pace.

Psychic Tour: $100

Hop on board with Sarah, Thomas, and a ghostbusting pro from GBPA (Greater Boston Paranormal Association) for a thrilling adventure through the haunted corners of the ship. Get ready to mingle with the spirits of Salem while diving into the world of genuine paranormal thrills. Opt for an experience package to snag spooky footage and get your hands on some ghost-hunting gear for an electrifying hands-on experience!

Skeptical Tour: $100

Hop aboard with Allen from "24 Hours In Hell" TV Series and the fearless Author and Investigator Nate Elwell, plus a spook-tacular crew member from the GBPA (Greater Boston Paranormal Association), for a thrilling adventure exploring the ship's mysterious hot spots. Get ready to dive into the world of genuine ghostly encounters using top-notch gear. Upgrade your adventure with a spooky experience package to snag souvenir footage and get hands-on with the ghost-hunting gadgets for an extra dose of chills and thrills!

The Haunted Mafia presents another night on our hair-raising Haunted Legends of New England Tour aboard the USS Salem! Set sail into the eerie autumn night on September 21, 2024, with ghost-whisperers Laurissa Rex & Sarah Grim, the masterminds behind the Paranormal TV Series, 24 Hours in Hell. Listen to Laurissa discussing "The Hell House Effect," sharing eerie tales from the place that inspired the book, and reflecting on her psychic growth. Join Laurissa and Sarah for a mediumship presentation on the ship, featuring a guest demonstration by Marlena Beers, a Chaos Magician and investigator from the premiere episode. Join forces with Author and investigator Nate Elwell and Shaman Tom Gormley for a supernatural adventure like no other. Join Tom's demonology discussion and discover what Nate's upcoming paranormal adventure will be all about.

Mingle with the ghost-hunting crew, hear hair-raising tales from the show, and rub shoulders with the investigators. Dive into the world of demonology, psychic development, and get up close and personal with the crew. Then, gear up to explore the haunted USS Salem with the experts or venture out solo. Tune in to a live broadcast on PARAflixx as the hosts of Our Haunted Lives take you through the ghostly ship.

Grab one of the limited 3 ticket options: The Psychic Sailor with Thomas and Sarah, The Skeptical Sailor with Allen and Nate, or The Solo Boarding Pass for lone wolves. Hurry, spots are disappearing faster than ghosts! Buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot and support the preservation of this historic ship. Join us for a night of spooky thrills and ghostly chills!

Tours are run as small group experiences and do not exceed 12 people for THIS EVENT ONLY. Due to the nature of this event there are very limited tickets available. Tickets are sold at the door on a first come first serve basis. If you choose to buy your tickets in advance you are guaranteed a spot and you must go to https://www.uss-salem.org for tickets.

A portion of the proceeds goes to preserving this beautiful ship so come out and investigate with us!