Our Mission

Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, is a leading event hosting company situated in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our primary aim is to educate and bring together community members interested in the scientific exploration of the paranormal realm. Our events are organized by

 PARA, Palmerton Area Research Alliance,a professional paranormal team with a collective experience of 35 years based in Eastern Pennsylvania. For larger events, we collaborate with skilled field investigators from various teams, carefully selected to ensure top-notch experiences for our attendees.

Our events, held at diverse locations and with varying scopes, aim to captivate and excite guests about genuine paranormal phenomena through interactive sessions. Participants are encouraged to engage actively or observe investigations by utilizing hands-on equipment, diverse techniques, and experiments conducted by our expert investigators. Additionally, we integrate metaphysical practices like mediumship during tours and events to complement scientific evidence, offering a holistic view of our field research practices. Our events are supported by adept psychic mediums and researchers, some affiliated with the esteemed Warren Legacy Foundation, setting us apart in the industry. Guests can opt to purchase audio and video recordings of their personal investigations on guided tours and rent equipment for a more immersive experience.

We take pride in selecting lesser-known, minimally investigated venues for our events to keep the experience fresh and intriguing for our patrons. Our event locations range from vineyards and authentically haunted attractions to historical sites like mills, coal mines, US Navy ships, forts, and more.

Third Eye prides itself on hosting at locations that are not well known and have not been overly investigated. Some of our venues include a vineyard, haunted attractions (that are also authentically haunted, a Mill, a coal mine, US Navy ship, a fort and a vineyard. We are constantly seeking out fresh spots to bring to our patrons in an industry that is apt to become stale otherwise. 

Furthermore, select events feature appearances by industry personalities such as Daryl Marston from A&E's Ghost Hunters, author David Childers, known for "Horrors of the House of Wills," Santiago Cirilo from The Walking Dead, and other notable figures. These special guests engage with attendees, providing a unique perspective on field investigations. Our events are sometimes covered on the talk show "Our Haunted Lives" on Paraflixx, where hosts David Taylor and Ashley Moreno interview guests live.

Third Eye also produces the podcast "PARA OPS, Open-minded Paranormal Skeptics," dedicated to reviewing evidence captured by our team during investigations and events, as well as evidence from tour guests. Guests are involved throughout the paranormal journey, from initial investigations to evidence review, offering a comprehensive investigative experience.

At Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, we serve as more than just a source of entertainment and education; we act as a bridge, connecting individuals within the industry!