Calling all Hell House, LLC, fans! Here is your chance to experience Hell House like never before. Locked inside the set of the movie franchise with the cast and crew of the new series 24 Hours in Hell, experience the REAL hauntings occurring inside the Abaddon Hotel, otherwise known as the Waldorf Estate of Fear.  The genuine paranormal activity is not for the faint of heart and we encourage paranormal enthusiasts with NO experience investigating to apply for a night in Hell-House. Do you have what it takes to survive 24 hours in Hell?

24 Hours in Hell is a new docuseries that examines the REAL hauntings behind the infamous Hell House, LLC, movie franchise.

Join Santiago Cirilo (The Walking Dead, Devils Hollow), David Childers (Paranormal Revenge, Travel Channel) Angela Moyer (Hell House, LLC) Laurissa Mary (Dark Echoes, Amazon Prime), Sarah Grim (Dark Echoes, Amazon Prime) and Allen Rex Jr and the rest of the cast and crew as they navigate 24 hours inside this 180 year old hotel. Better known as the Waldorf Estate of Fear, a scare haunt attraction in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, this location is home to several types of hauntings; intelligent/traditional, residual, mimics, egregore/tulpa/thoughtforms, poltergeist, shadow people, elementals, portals. The hauntings intensify every haunt season due to the excessive amount of energy the house withstands. Since opening it up to public and private paranormal investigations in 2020 it has exponentially increased creating the need to document the spirits inside the hotel. This cast and crew spent only 24 hours inside and not everyone made it all 24 hours. The pilot episodes are a 2 part examination of the activity that transpired and the effect the house had on the different people as no one person reacted the same. The house literally chose to haunt everyone differently.

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David Childers

Santiago Cirilo

Angela Moyer

Laurissa Mary

Sarah Grim

Allen Rex Jr.