Private rental cost is $800.00 for up to 8 investigators.  Any investigators over 8 incur a $75 fee/person. Check in is at 7 PM and check out is at 10 AM. There is ample room for up to 20 investigators. There are 4 floors including the basement and attic in this former hotel. There are some beds, but you should bring cots, air mattresses and bedding of your own. Plumbing and working bathrooms are available March through November. There is a portable bathroom on site in the winter months. There is no heat or air conditioning. 

People often wonder what came first, the haunted attraction or the haunt? Actually, paranormal investigators are probably the ONLY people who wonder this BUT why not come out and investigate the set of both a horror movie about a haunted attraction that is really haunted AND a haunted attraction that is really haunted!? Are you confused yet? Well, don't be. Investigate the set of the Hell House, LLC, horror movies which is also an active "scare" attraction during Halloween (no animatronics here guys)! The Waldorf Estate of Fear has opened the house up to long distance travelers for overnight investigations to allow teams the opportunity to sleep at this location. Email us at for more information or to book your private stay today. 

Investigate inside the set of the infamous horror movie Hell House, LLC, and experience genuine paranormal activity.

This former hotel, farmhouse and restaurant sits for over 160 years on land that dates back to the 1740s; pre-colonial America. Settled by the Dutch, occupied by Native Americans and situated amid anthracite and coal and bodies of water this property has all the necessary elements for a paranormal storm of activity ranging from organic hauntings and residual energy to egregore and tulpa manifestations.

Join psychic medium Laurissa Rex of the new TV series, 24 Hours in Hell, which examines the multiple layers of hauntings unique to this location, world renowned Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos AND David Taylor of Our Haunted Lives, the #1 talk show on PARAFlixx TV, for an evening of innovative paranormal investigations this Spring! Those on the tour prepare to be awestruck by a special remote viewing session with world-renowned Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, who will demonstrate mediumship from 6000 miles away in Athens, Greece. Remote viewing is a special psychic skill that Kathrine will share with guests where she will facilitate metaphysical communication between guests and the spirits at the mansion through the thinning paranormal veil.

The hotel is 4 stories from basement to attic so there is plenty of room for independent investigators to roam. There is also an outside building and surrounding land that do not disappoint with the ongoing activity raging year-round.

Be camera ready because David will be broadcasting live all evening and you just may end up on screen!

Take advantage of a chance to investigate the set of the movie and an iconic historic masterpiece in the Pennsylvania countryside this spring and try to uncover the true origin of the haunting of Hell House.

Join the cast and crew of the new series 24 Hours in Hell for a private screening of the series premier.

On this Friday the 13th, delve into your nightmares and discover if you possess the resilience to endure 24 Hours In Hell.

This new TV series goes beyond the typical paranormal investigations in abandoned and allegedly haunted locations. It digs into the complex layers of haunting within this haunted attraction, which is the notorious Hell House, LLC horror movie franchise set. The investigators who ventured inside aimed to unravel the origin of these multilayered hauntings. The outcomes were both unpredictable and chilling, mirroring the nature of many nightmares.

24 Hours in Hell seamlessly combines horror, paranormal investigation, and research, featuring a cast of both seasoned veterans and fresh talents. Prepare for a viewing experience that offers a fresh outlook and innovative perspective unlike any other.

Join us for the series premiere at Hell House this Friday the 13th. Experience the show on the big screen and partake in a meet and greet, photo opportunities, autograph sessions, concessions, merchandise, and behind the scenes tours of the house.  

**This is one of three series premieres you can attend before the show hits major platforms in 2025.

The PARA team is excited to invite you on a Halloween tour of the historic Waldorf Estate of Fear.

With 180 years of history, this hotel never fails to impress. After four years of research, we are thrilled to show you the hotspots and introduce you to the many spirits that haunt this location. As the backdrop for a new TV series and the inspiration for the book "The Hell House Effect," delve into the layers of hauntings and experience the phenomena of Hell House. Join us on a tour led by experienced investigators to understand why spending 24 hours in this location is a challenge. Whether you prefer an active or passive role, don't miss this Halloween opportunity to explore behind the scenes and witness some paranormal activity. Our team will provide the necessary equipment for the tours, and there are souvenir packages available for purchase, each with additional complimentary equipment options. For more experienced investigators, there is an option to explore the hotel solo. With its 4 floors, this expansive location allows you to roam independently or join group tours. Embrace the chance to investigate with us this Halloween season.