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P.A.R.A.NORMAL (Palmerton Area Research Alliance), is a parascience team dedicated to honest scientific and metaphysical research. We work with Third Eye Event Productions to bring hands-on experiences to you. If you or anyone you know is in need of paranormal assistance please fill out the contact us form and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible. "It's YOUR afterlife. Investigate."-Laurissa 



Laurissa Rex is a distinguished leader in the paranormal research community, with a rich background in both military service and entrepreneurship. Here’s a concise rewrite of her profile.  Laurissa Rex is a veteran of the US Army Signal Corps, having enlisted in 1998. She served as a Civil Affairs Specialist and later as a Signal Officer after receiving her commission in 2004. Her academic credentials include a Master’s in Business Administration and a B.A. in Public Relations, Philosophy, and German, which she utilized as a German Linguist.  Laurissa is the CEO of Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, and The Haunted Mafia, LLC, as well as the founder of PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance). She has strategically rebranded and expanded her ventures to create unique and engaging paranormal events, steering clear of overexposed locations.   As a natural-born psychic medium, Laurissa contributes to the Warren Legacy Foundation and has been featured on the Dark Echoes TV Show. She is also an active paranormal investigator and author, currently working on books that delve into the phenomena of Egregore and Tulpa activity.   Married to Allen Rex Jr., with whom she co-founded PARA, Laurissa is a mother of four. Her personal experiences and psychic abilities have deeply influenced her professional path in the paranormal field.




Allen Rex Jr. is the co-founder of PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance) and serves as the Operations Manager at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC and The Haunted Mafia, LLC. In his capacity, he leads the team as a senior investigator, managing training, equipment upkeep, and operations alongside Laurissa Rex, his wife and the CEO of Third Eye, founder at PARA and Director at The Haunted Mafia. Additionally, he works as an investigator at the Warren Legacy Foundation, a globally recognized organization dedicated to continuing the legacy of Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned paranormal researchers known for cases like Amityville and the Conjuring.

As a USMC Veteran, Allen brings a wealth of experience as a business consultant and senior manager, enhancing the team's quality control. With four years of active investigation experience, Allen specializes in creating innovative experiments and adapting investigative techniques. He collaborates with other teams to exchange ideas and develop new equipment. His expertise as a business consultant contributes to the team's creativity and efficiency in equipment transportation.

Allen, known as the team's resident skeptic, excels in Evidence Review and heads the Evidence Review Team (ERT). He supervises the Quality Control Process (QFRP) to ensure that evidence meets paranormal standards. His guiding principle is, "when in doubt, throw it out."

Allen's dedication to the paranormal research field is truly remarkable. His multifaceted role within PARA, The Haunted Mafia, and the Warren Legacy Foundation showcases his passion and commitment to investigating the unknown. Through his leadership, training, and innovative approach to investigations, Allen's impact resonates throughout the organizations he is involved with.

As a USMC Veteran, Allen's experience and expertise bring a unique perspective to the team, enhancing their operations and maintaining the highest standards of quality control. His collaborative spirit fosters a culture of creativity and continuous improvement, pushing the boundaries of investigative techniques and equipment development.

With his keen eye for detail and commitment to upholding paranormal standards, Allen's role as the head of the Evidence Review Team ensures that only the most credible evidence is presented. His motto of "when in doubt, throw it out" reflects his dedication to maintaining integrity and authenticity in the field of paranormal research.

Overall, Allen Rex Jr.'s contributions to the paranormal research community are invaluable, and his leadership sets a standard for excellence and professionalism in the field.



Marlena Beers holds the position of Public Relations Manager at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC. Within PARA, she serves as the second lead psychic medium and co-host for PARA OPS and PARA Raw.  Marlena collaborates closely with Allen, the Evidence Review Technicians, selecting evidence for OPS. She nurtures relationships with Vodcast special guests and partners with Greg and Alex Rothberg from Anything Goes Podcast, who moderate PARA Raw. Raw, a live vodcast, is streamed during team investigations to engage remote audiences. Marlena, a chaos magician, continuously hones her craft. She is married to fellow investigator Jason Beers, and they have four children together. Marlena's talents extend to makeup artistry and cosmetology, bringing creativity, flair, and style to the team.

Marlena Beers is not only a Vice President at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC but also a talented psychic medium within PARA. Alongside her duties as VP, she plays a pivotal role in selecting evidence for OPS, working closely with Allen and the Evidence Review Technicians. Marlena's influence extends to PARA OPS and PARA Raw, where she co-hosts and shares her extraordinary gifts with a wide audience.

In her personal life, Marlena is happily married to fellow investigator Jason Beers, with whom she shares a beautiful family of four children. Her creative talents shine through not only in her psychic abilities but also in makeup artistry and cosmetology, which she brings to the team with flair and style. Marlena's dedication to her craft as a chaos magician is evident in her continuous pursuit of excellence, making her an invaluable asset to the team at Third Eye Event Productions.



Duckie, a senior investigator at PARA, also acts as the Community Outreach Specialist for the public relations team at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC. His duties involve building connections with special guests, various teams, and the community to raise awareness of charitable events organized by the company. Additionally, he works with Skye to oversee the team's online presence on social media. With more than 15 years of investigative experience, Duckie is a respected member of the LGBTQ community and is happily married. In his role in retail management, his friendly and inviting nature contributes to a positive atmosphere at team events. Duckie has been a committed member of PARA since 2020 and is the last remaining member of the original flagship team, HSPP.

Duckie's dedication to his roles at PARA and Third Eye Event Productions, LLC is truly remarkable. His ability to forge meaningful connections with special guests and community members has been instrumental in raising awareness for important charitable causes. Collaborating with Skye to manage the team's social media presence highlights his versatility and commitment to engaging with audiences online.

With a wealth of investigative experience and a strong presence in the LGBTQ community, Duckie brings a unique perspective to his work. His positive attitude and welcoming demeanor create a warm and inclusive environment at team events, fostering a sense of unity among colleagues. As a longstanding member of PARA and the sole survivor of the original flagship team, Duckie's contributions and leadership have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on those around him.




Skye March, serving as the lead investigator at PARA, takes on diverse responsibilities within the team, providing assistance wherever necessary. Skye is actively engaged in public relations, managing social media, utilizing equipment, and supporting guests at Third Eye/Haunted Mafia events. If you own any of our merchandise, Skye might have personally crafted it through her business, Clouds Creations. She also co-hosts PARA OPS, focusing on managing buttons and hashtags. Since February 2023, Skye has been a member of The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research, driven by her deep connection to the paranormal world, an area that deeply resonates with her. Skye's journey exploring the spiritual realm began at a young age, showcasing her Claircognizant abilities as her primary skill. Committed to continuous growth, Skye is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and experiences. Apart from her involvement in the paranormal field, Skye has contributed to various human services sectors and is a mother to three boys. Furthermore, she co-hosts the Tea of Life Pod podcast with fellow PARA member, Marlena Beers.

Skye March's dedication and versatility make her an invaluable asset to the team at PARA. Her multifaceted role involves managing public relations, social media, equipment, and assisting guests at Third Eye/Haunted Mafia events. With her business, Clouds Creations, Skye adds a personal touch to our merchandise, showcasing her creativity and attention to detail. As a co-host of PARA OPS, she focuses on curating engaging content and fostering community engagement through buttons and hashtags.

Since joining The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research in February 2023, Skye has immersed herself in the enigmatic world of the supernatural, fueled by her profound connection to the paranormal realm. Her journey into the spiritual realm began in her youth, where her Claircognizant abilities emerged as her primary strength. Constantly striving for growth, Skye remains committed to expanding her expertise and exploring new horizons.

Beyond her paranormal pursuits, Skye has made significant contributions to various human services sectors, showcasing her compassion and dedication to helping others. A devoted mother of three boys, she embodies strength and empathy in all aspects of her life. Additionally, Skye shares her wisdom and insights as a co-host of the Tea of Life Pod podcast alongside her fellow PARA colleague, Marlena Beers. Together, they bring a unique blend of knowledge and passion to audiences, inspiring listeners to delve deeper into the mysteries of life and beyond.




Amber has been with Para for a year, handling tasks as an investigator and a social media manager. She has a keen interest in all things paranormal, horror, spooky, and witchy. When not working, she cherishes moments with her dear ones. Apart from her paranormal pursuits, she indulges in hobbies like playing the guitar, rock collecting, hiking, and reading.

Amber's passion for the supernatural transcends her work at Para; it is a part of who she is. Her fascination with the unknown and macabre fuels her investigative skills, enabling her to delve deep into mysterious cases with unwavering determination. As a social media manager, she weaves her love for all things eerie into captivating online content that intrigues and engages a wide audience.

Outside of her professional life, Amber finds solace in the company of her loved ones, cherishing every moment spent creating memories and sharing laughter. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time for her hobbies, each one a unique reflection of her eclectic interests. Strumming her guitar transports her to a world of music and emotion, while rock collecting connects her to the Earth's ancient history in a tangible way. Hiking through nature's vast landscapes invigorates her spirit and provides a sense of serenity amidst life's chaos. And when the day winds down, there's nothing Amber enjoys more than losing herself in the pages of a gripping book, letting her imagination roam free in worlds both real and fantastical.




Recently, Danny became a member of Para/The Haunted Mafia. He finds his role in the evidence review team and his work as an investigator to be fulfilling. Despite his interest in the paranormal, he approaches it with skepticism and a scientific perspective. He is excited to see where the evidence will take him. Beyond his fascination with the paranormal, he indulges in hobbies such as playing Magic: The Gathering, nurturing his love for music, being part of a band, hanging out with friends, and playing video games.

Danny's days were now filled with analyzing photos, videos, and audio recordings for any signs of the supernatural. His analytical mind allowed him to spot patterns and anomalies that others might overlook. While he enjoyed the thrill of the investigation, he always made sure to approach each piece of evidence with a critical eye.

When he wasn't immersed in the mysterious world of the paranormal, Danny could often be found at his favorite local game store, engaging in intense Magic: The Gathering battles with fellow enthusiasts. The strategic gameplay provided a welcome break from his otherworldly pursuits.

Music was another passion that resonated deeply with Danny. Whether he was strumming his guitar in the band he played in or simply listening to his favorite tunes, he found solace in the melodies that filled his days.

Despite his busy schedule, Danny always made time for his friends. Whether they were exploring haunted locations together or simply hanging out and playing video games, the camaraderie he shared with his friends brought balance to his life.

As he delved deeper into the mysteries of the paranormal, Danny knew that his journey was just beginning. With each piece of evidence he uncovered and each investigation he embarked on, he felt a sense of purpose and excitement that fueled his curiosity and determination.



  Jason Beers is Marlena's husband and one of the permanent investigators at PARA.  He is a volunteer firefighter.  He is also assistant to the Operations Manager, Allen, and helps with set up and tear down of equipment. 

Seth, a skeptic, holds a key position in the Evidence Review Team. With more than a year of experience at PARA and Third Eye, he has proven to be an invaluable resource to both the company and the team. Seth's deep fascination with technology and equipment is essential for his role as an investigator. He is often given leadership tasks and consistently performs admirably. A quick learner, Seth willingly takes on diverse responsibilities and aids other departments at Third Eye whenever needed.

Seth's dedication and commitment do not go unnoticed by his colleagues, who appreciate his meticulous attention to detail and his willingness to go above and beyond. Despite his initial skepticism, Seth has become a trusted and respected member of the team, always offering insightful perspectives and contributing valuable insights during discussions and brainstorming sessions.

His passion for unraveling mysteries and solving puzzles serves him well in his role, where he meticulously sifts through evidence and data to uncover the truth. Seth's calm demeanor and logical approach make him a reliable team player, someone others can depend on to provide clarity and direction in challenging situations.

As Seth continues to excel in his position, his colleagues look up to him as a role model for professionalism and dedication. His positive attitude and collaborative spirit create a supportive environment within the team, fostering creativity and innovation. With Seth on board, the Evidence Review Team at Third Eye is well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way.


Bree is recognized as one of the most pleasant and joyful individuals at PARA. Her welcoming smile and friendly demeanor contribute warmth to the team and customers alike. Often spearheading inquiries related to photos and videos, Bree also commits herself to maintaining well-structured events. She plays a vital role in the Evidence Review Team.

Bree's positive energy is truly infectious, making her a beloved member of the team. Her dedication to organizing events and handling photo and video inquiries showcases her strong work ethic and attention to detail. As a key part of the Evidence Review Team, Bree's contributions are invaluable in ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Her passion for her work shines through in everything she does, inspiring those around her to strive for excellence. In a world where kindness and professionalism go hand in hand, Bree sets a shining example for others to follow.