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P.A.R.A.NORMAL (Palmerton Area Research Alliance), is a parascience team dedicated to honest scientific and metaphysical research. We work with Third Eye Event Productions to bring hands-on experiences to you. If you or anyone you know is in need of paranormal assistance please fill out the contact us form and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible. "It's YOUR afterlife. Investigate."-Laurissa 


Laurissa Rex is the CEO of Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, The Haunted Mafia, LLC and the founder at PARA, Palmerton Area Research Alliance. She is a US Army Signal Corps Veteran. Laurissa enlisted in 1998 and served as a Civil Affairs Specialist under the Special Operations Command of the US Army until she received her commission at the University of West Florida in 2004. She served an additional several terms as a Signal Officer. Laurissa has a Masters in Business Administration as well as a B.A. in Public Relations, Philosophy and the German Language. She served as  a German Linguist from 2000 to 2003. Laurissa is married to Allen Rex Jr., her co-founder at PARA. They have 4 children together.


Laurissa rebranded the flagship team HSPP, High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal, in 2022 to PARA.  In October of 2022 she also founded Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, with the goal of connecting members of the community with an interest in the paranormal by creating educational and entertaining events at haunted locations. Her vision for the company was to avoid overly investigated places in an already saturated market by forging relationships with venues that are haunted, yet rarely, if ever, investigated. In October 2023, Laurissa further expanded and founded The Haunted Mafia. The vision for THM is for company's such as Third Eye to collaborate with other companies in order to bring more affordable and larger events to the paranormal community. Laurissa's vision for more innovative and original events combined with her passion for unity within the field has led to business partnerships with teams such as Solace Paranormal, entertainment conglomerates such as Our Haunted Lives, PARAflixx and social media influencers such as Greg and Alex of Anything Goes. 


In December 2022, in an effort to dynamically separate Third Eye from other companies, Laurissa founded PARA OPS, Open-minded Paranormal Skeptics. The purpose of the show is to review evidence caught on investigations and at events  with guests from those events discussed during a live broadcast; thereby giving them a fully immersive and interactive experience in the investigation process from the beginning phase of investigating to the final phase of evidence review.  The show also features guests from the paranormal industry such as other teams, investigators, authors and celebrities.     


Laurissa is a natural born psychic medium. She is a medium and researcher at the Warren Legacy Foundation since April 2023. Laurissa was featured on season one of Dark Echoes TV Show, which is available on Amazon Prime as of October 6, 2023. She is also the Assistant Director and Public Relations Manager for the series which begins filming season two in 2024.  She has actively investigated in the field intermittently since 2011 and began as an investigator in Augusta, Georgia. However, following the untimely death of her brother in December of 2012, Laurissa left the field until 2020 when HSPP was founded. 


Laurissa is adept at remote viewership, psychometry and automatic writing and she possesses all of the "clairs." She is currently penning a book entitled "The Hell House Effect," which is an in-depth look into phenomenon such as Egregore and Tulpa activity at her team's home venue. The book is based off the research performed by PARA at the Waldorf Estate of Fear in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, which is coincidentally also the set of the Hell House, LLC, movie franchise. Laurissa is simultaneously penning another title called "The Unfriending" which examines the paranormal community with candor and discusses a lot of the current controversy and in-fighting within the field of parascience research. 

  Allen Rex Jr. is the co-founder at PARA and the Operations Manager at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC. He is the senior lead investigator for the team and at the Warren Legacy Foundation and responsible for training, equipment maintenance and managing all areas of operations alongside Laurissa. Allen is a USMC Veteran as well. His experience as a business consultant and senior manager at his current employment is a great asset to the team and the company in terms of quality control. He has been an active investigator for 3 years. Allen is most adept at creating innovative experiments and adapting investigative techniques.  He creates new equipment and is often collaborating with other teams sharing ideas and concepts.  His expertise in craftsmanship as a general contractor has also served the team well in terms of creativity and ease of transport for equipment.

  Marlena Beers is the Vice President at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC.  She is the second lead psychic medium at PARA as well as a co-host for PARA OPS and PARA Raw.  As VP she oversees all of the public relations for Third Eye. She also works closely with the Evidence Review Technicians and Operations Manager, Allen, and selects evidence for OPS. She manages relationships with Vodcast special guests and also works closely with Greg and Alex Rothberg of Anything Goes Podcast who are the moderators for PARA Raw.  Raw is a live, interactive vodcast streamed during team investigations to engage the audience who cannot otherwise be on location. Marlena is a chaos magician and is always studying her craft and sharpening her skills. Married to fellow investigator Jason Beers, they have 4 children together. Marlena is a makeup artist and cosmetologist. She is creative and brings flare and style to the team.

  Duckie is a senior investigator at PARA.  He also works as part of the public relations team as the Community Outreach Specialist at Third Eye Event Productions, LLC.  His role is to maintain a relationship with special guests, other teams and the community in an effort to raise awareness for several charitable events run by the company and hosted by the team. He is also a creative partner and helps to manage an online presence for the team on social media alongside Skye. Duckie has over 15 years of field experience as an investigator. He is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and is happily married. Duckie works as a manager in retail and his amiable demeanor brings a friendly and welcoming vibe to the team and to events run by the company. He has been a member of PARA since 2020 and is the only member remaining from the original flagship team, HSPP.

  Jason Beers is Marlena's husband and one of the permanent investigators at PARA.  He is a volunteer firefighter.  He is also assistant to the Operations Manager, Allen, and helps with set up and tear down of equipment. 

  Bree and Seth are investigators at PARA.  They work under Skye and Marlena to assist with Public Relations and Social Media.  They are tasked with maintaining the YouTube channel for PARA OPS.