The #HIYAH Initiative

Third Eye Event Productions, LLC, along with its subsidiary The Haunted Mafia, LLC, is delighted to collaborate with Santiago Cirilo and the HIYAH Nation in their ongoing endeavors against bullying, suicide, and mental health awareness. Annually, Santiago and his business partner Scott from Scared City Productions organize the SCARED CITY PRESENTS THE HIYAH NATION PARANORMAL HORROR SHOW, uniting celebrities from the horror and paranormal realms to support these causes. Join the thousands of supporters by clicking the link below and contributing to this significant initiative.

Army Veteran comes home to retire after his military service. Because of a tragic event, he decides to shun himself from the world and becomes homeless. This is a way to heal. No addiction, no substance abuse, Just PTSD. Take a journey and see how his service heals his family, his community, and his fellow military brothers and sisters of all branches. Life is worth living after service.


The Haunted Mafia, LLC, and The Hiyah Nation are teaming up to launch an exclusive merchandise line to support the Hiyah Initiative. The Para-Fam community strongly opposes bullying and our Para-Fam Soldiers champion global mental health and suicide prevention efforts. Every day, 22 veterans tragically take their own lives, a number that should be zero.

Santiago runs a podcast where you can listen to candid discussions about various topics, all while being inspired to embrace your authentic self. Join us in our campaign against negativity, addiction, depression, PTSD, and bullying. His strategy is rooted in practicality with a sprinkle of humor. Santiago does not align with any political ideology; his philosophy is about living life authentically! Let The HiYah Nation Motivation be your companion through life's hurdles. Show your support for his podcast today.

Santiago, a decorated war hero and US Army Infantry Combat Veteran, is not only an author and motivational speaker but also an actor. His journey is marked by courage, selfless service, self-reflection, and a profound questioning of faith. After experiencing devastating losses and separation from the military, including the tragic loss of his best friend to suicide, Santiago embarked on a healing journey through the establishment of the HIYAH nation. Despite facing adversity, Santiago has emerged as a transparent and dynamic public figure in the horror and paranormal realms. His creativity and positivity, cultivated from overcoming past negativity, serve as a beacon of inspiration to countless individuals. Delving into his book offers just a glimpse into the intricate mind of this humble yet enigmatic man. Santiago's artistic journey commenced on A&E's The Walking Dead and continues to thrive today. To discover more about Santiago and his remarkable work, click below.

Santiago has introduced a subscription service for a private Facebook Group called the Hiyah Nation. This community comes together to provide support for each other, stand against bullying, and promote mental health and suicide awareness. Within this platform, Santiago engages with members by sharing daily motivational messages and humor in a close-knit setting.  Join us by subscribing below to become a part of something truly incredible.