Ticket Descriptions Below:

Solo Investigator: $75

Bring your own equipment to explore the Mill and the House of Eyes independently. You also have the option to explore the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can rent equipment from us. Please note that this is a self-guided tour, allowing you to freely explore the property. If you wish to participate in the gallery reading, you must purchase a separate ticket.

Haunted Mill Guided Investigation: $100

Join us at P.A.R.A. for a guided tour using state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. During the tour, feel free to be interactive or observant as we visit popular locations and carry out experiments. Capture your experience with souvenir footage available for purchase. Rental equipment is an option but not mandatory for participation. This immersive experience is for small groups and promises not to disappoint. Remember to buy souvenir packages and equipment rentals separately if you are interested. Additionally, mediumship gallery tickets must be purchased separately.

Gallery Reading $25

Bianca Rose, a human ouija board, can communicate with the other side to see if your loved ones have a message for you. Bianca possesses exceptional abilities and in this session, she will connect with the spirit world to convey messages and details from your loved ones that will astonish, amaze, and bewilder you. You will not be disappointed.

VIP After Hours Seance: $25

Witness something truly extraordinary and enchanting as psychics and special guests connect with the spirits of the mill. Seances serve as a means of spirit communication that, when conducted properly, are both secure and efficient.

Join P.A.R.A.'s team with Laurissa Rex (from 24 Hours in Hell) and Medium Bianca Rose for a revisit to the well-known Mill, home to the frightening haunt Kim's Krypt. This exceptional site features a haunted mill combined with a haunted attraction, creating an ideal setting for thrill-seekers. In November, P.A.R.A. will be back with Bianca, famously known as the human Ouija Board, who connects with the spiritual realm in a remarkable manner. Prepare for a truly unique experience as we wrap up the haunt season and transition into winter.

Kick off your evening with a meet and greet alongside Laurissa and some of the cast members from the new TV series 24 Hours in Hell. Then, engage in a gallery reading to witness the messages Bianca receives from departed loved ones. Following this, enjoy refreshments, browse through the merchandise stands, and explore the Mill and the House of Eyes for an investigation - two of the most haunted spots. The outdoor grounds are also open for individual explorations with personal or rented equipment. Guided tours are an option, and you can obtain souvenir footage. Additionally, purchasing souvenir packages in advance includes an autographed photo of the event flyer with signatures from special guests.

Discover the Haunted Mill's rich history spanning over 250 years across its 64-acre surroundings, dating back to the area's original settlers. In 2014, the mill and six adjacent buildings were converted into a haunted attraction after being part of family settlements and church affiliations for years. The owner, a fan of haunted attractions, was astonished to find the site's authentic haunted past despite its historical significance.

Remember to dress appropriately for the weather and arrive at 7:00 pm for check-in and registration.

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