Ensure you keep your special memories for a lifetime and purchase audio and video footage of your guided tour! This upgrade is available to those who are part of other tours that do not include the footage in the ticket price. 

You receive audio and video footage of the investigation as well as special equipment to utlize throughout the evening. 

Equipment includes:

Digital Recorder

K2/ EMF Meter

EVP Enhancing Ear Phones

Vintage Team T Shirt from PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance)

(Special Upgrade Offer for The Haunted Mafia T Shirts also available on site.)


Haunted Abandoned Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Ticket Descriptions Below:

The Solo Ghost Hunter Ticket: $100

Don't want to investigate with anyone but want to enjoy all of the festivities? This is your ticket! You get all of the perks but you are released in the park to roam and "hunt" on your own. These ticket's do not include the gallery reading. You MUST purchase that separately. Don't forget to bring your own equipment and don't get lost in the park!

Guided Investigation Options:

VIP 113 Tour with The Blue Bodhi!: $225:
Only 13 of these tickets exist!  

Growing up in Tulsa and the Rocky Mountains, The Blue Bodhi's diverse childhood instilled a deep appreciation for life, nature, and spirituality. Near-death experiences led to synesthesia, influencing her art and spiritual work. She offers aura readings and spiritual guidance globally, evolving into a respected shamanic advisor. Bodhi  has honed talents in readings, art, and writing, sharing over 35 certifications and numerous books with the world.  Experience something profound on an intimate paranormal tour with Bodhi.

Only 13 tickets are available for this unique experience. Your ticket includes:
1. The mediumship group event
2. Sleep with the special guests 
4. A VIP bag with an exclusive 113 Tour Bodhi T Shirt which Bodhi will autograph.

Don't forget to purchase the souvenir package separately to ensure you recieve footage of this unique experience around the park. The souvenir upgrade is 25$ and includes audio and visual footage of your investigation with Bodhi!

The 24 Tour: $150

This option gives you the opportunity to investigate with the cast and crew of the new hit series 24 Hours in Hell: A Paranormal Journey Through Hell House. You will also be given souvenir footage of your investigation and rental equipment.  These tickets are limited to 15 tickets per tour group. You will also be given souvenir footage of your tour and rental equipment.


The PARA Tour: $125

 These ticket holders will be taken on an investigation with an experienced investigator around the park. These tickets are for people who want to investigate but who don't have their own equipment OR who do not want to go solo. These tickets do NOT include the VIP equipment and souvenir footage upgrade.


Mediumship Group Event: $44
Be a part of something extraordinary as your experience a gallery reading with The Blue Bodhi. Let Bodhi read your "colors" and interpret YOU psychically!

Mediumship Group Event Special Upgrade Ticket: $65

This ticket includes a guided paranormal investigation with the tour gvroup at PARA or a free roam solo ticket. You may choose to do either. This is a special upgrade available only if you purchase the mediumship group event tickets.  YOU MUST PURCHASE BOTH A MEDIUMSHIP TICKET WITH BLUE AND THIS TICKET TOGETHER FOR THIS SPECIAL OFFER TO APPLY. Orders that do not include both tickets will be refunded.

Please tune in either Monday or Thursday nights at 8:30 PM CST to  Visit Bodhi on her TikTok page!


Sleep Where the Special Guests Are: $25

YOU MUST PURCHASE A TOUR TICKET TO PURCHASE THIS AS WELL.  Limited quantities available. This is a per person amount you pay. You will be allowed to camp in an area with the special guests, Bodhi, Laurissa and the rest of the team at PARA. Hang out with the special guests POST investigation.

Special Souvenir Upgrade!: $25
Ensure you keep the special memories for a lifetime and get audio and video footage of your guided tour! This upgrade is available to those who are part of other tours that do not include the footage in the ticket price. 

After Hours VIP Seance: $25


A seance is a reverent gathering where we connect with the spiritual realm. Join us in the mystical spirit circle as we seek to communicate with the spirits of Lake Shawnee. Seances do not have a set duration, so please be aware that this experience could range from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the spirits' willingness to engage with us tonight!

Souvenir T Shirts: $15
There is souvenir merchandise available for this event. We have a special edition Haunted Legends of the South Shawnee T Shirt as well as a commemorative Blue Bodhi T Shirt. Please click here to order. 

Event details are as follows:

Embark on a Journey into the Haunted Legends of the South Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park Edition!

Prepare yourself for a unique and chilling experience out of the ordinary. Join us on Saturday, July 27, 2024, at 4:00 PM at the eerie Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park for an evening dedicated to ghost hunting and delving into the world of paranormal exploration.

Experience an Unforgettable Paranormal Adventure
Join forces with psychic medium Laurissa Rex, the mastermind behind the new TV Series "24 Hours In Hell," the PARA team, and the Blue Bodhi for an extraordinary paranormal camping escapade. The event will be hosted by renowned personalities from your favorite Paranormal TV Talk Shows, including David Taylor from "Our Haunted Lives," the leading show on Paraflixx. This weekend promises more excitement and action than the park has witnessed since its closure in 1966.

Celebrate Summer with Mediumship Demonstrations and Paranormal Investigations
On July 27th, immerse yourself in a night of mediumship demonstrations, paranormal investigations, and campfires across the 100-acre HAUNTED park, where remnants of rides and structures still linger eerily.

Engage in Unique Mediumship Events
Kick off the event with a group mediumship session led by THE BLUE BODHI, a shamanic spiritual advisor and renowned aura artist with unique gifts acquired through near-death experiences, including synesthesia. During the session, Bodhi will delve into your past, present, and future, exploring your identity in a profound way.

Connect with the Spirits of the Past
Visit the sacred burial grounds where numerous Shawnee people rest and pay respects to the spirits of the settlers who once lived there. Engage in a historical examination of the paranormal, led by Chris, the park owner and Shawnee descendant, showcasing artifacts found on the premises. Experience an after-hours spirit circle and attempt to communicate with the spirits collectively.

Capture the Experience
Don't miss the chance to document your paranormal journey with souvenir footage and rent specialized equipment crafted by the PARA team. Participate in experiments designed by the team and experience cutting-edge equipment available exclusively through them. Choose from 3 distinct tour options tailored to your investigative preferences.

An Unforgettable Adventure Await
This location has been featured on popular shows like "The Unexplained with William Shatner" on Netflix and "Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne" on HULU, earning its place as one of the Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth. Gather your friends and brace yourselves for a night of thrills as we uncover the mysteries of this haunted site. Are you ready to confront the spirits that dwell within the abandoned park?




A Mid Summer's Haunting at the Black Swan Inn

Ticket Descriptions Below:

Investigation : $75

Ticket purchase includes investigation and refreshments. 

VIP Investigation and Gallery Reading: $100

Ticket purchase includes investigation, refreshments and complimentary bottle of wine as well as gallery reading with Bianca Rose. Purchase also includes our equipment bundle. Equipment bundle includes digital recorder, K2 meter & amplifying headphones as well as souvenir SD card with audio and video footage of YOUR evening's investigation. 

Gallery Reading with Bianca Rose: $25
Experience something mystical as Bianca connects with your loved ones on the other side. This experience lasts about an  hour and can be both amazing and emotional.  

Haunted Legends of New England: Mid Summer's Night Haunting Balck Swan Inn

Step into the enchanted world of the mysterious Black Swan Inn nestled in a historic town where even the ghosts are VIPs! This summer, gear up for a ghostly adventure with the fabulous David Childers, the enchanting Laurissa Rex, the mystical Medium Bianca Rose, and the awesome crew at PARA. Get ready for an exclusive evening filled with spirits, wine, chills, and thrills at this charming New Hampshire B&B.

Embark on an eerie journey starting with a ghostly gallery reading by Bianca that will leave you spellbound. VIP tickets come with a ghost hunt, gallery reading, wine, and cool ghost-hunting gear. Then, explore the ghostly grounds with Dave, Laurissa, and Bianca until the spirits decide it's time to hit the snooze button. Rise and shine to a scrumptious breakfast if you've snagged a room for the night.

Can't make it in person? No worries! Join the spooky fun online with Third Eye Online Events for a virtual ghostly experience with renowned psychic Kathrine Sorilos, chilling gallery readings, or meet and greets with our special guests at a bargain price. Don't miss out on the ghostly gossip!




Supernatural Summer at the Greene County Poor Farm

Ticket Descriptions Below:

Solo Investigator Ticket: $75

Don't want to go with us? Go on your own around this enourmous building. This event is very small and the number of guests is limited to a TOTAL of 20 including staff. Therefore you will have plenty of room to roam!

VIP Tour: $100

Go on a guided paranormal investigation with some with the cast and crew of 24 Hours in Hell, psychic mediums and investigators at PARA and Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos as she remote views all the way from Athens Greece!  These tickets give you souvenir footage of your investigation as well as rental equipment. You are part of the immersive experience and innovative techniques and experiments. Be passive or active. That part is up to you. No matter which part you choose to play, we guarantee the ghosts will play back. This is a small group experience.


Haunted Legends of the Midwest & The Greene County Poor Farm

Unleash your inner ghost hunter on The Haunted Legends of the Midwest tour hosted by The Haunted Mafia and The Greene County Poor Farm in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania!

Get ready for a night packed with paranormal fun with Laurissa Rex, psychic medium, and cast member of the chilling new TV series 24 Hours in Hell and the team at PARA! Choose your adventure: team up for a guided VIP investigation or fly solo through the haunted farm. If you choose a VIP tour, brace yourself for a mind-blowing remote viewing session with the sensational Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, all the way from Athens, Greece. Watch as she connects guests with spirits from the farm using her unique psychic skills. VIP perks also include souvenir footage of your tour, EVP recorder, K2 meter, and amplified EVP headphones for a night of ghostly encounters.

Tours are led by psychic mediums from the cast of 24 Hours In Hell for some hair-raising investigations. Get in on the action with experiments like the “Human Pendulum” and “Paranormal Balloon Wars,” or try your hand at the eerie “Paranormal Twister.” Prepare for an unforgettable psychic tour, where you can witness real spirit communication with the mediums from PARA. No need to buy extra gear as the tour provides all necessary equipment. And don't forget to strike a pose because the legendary David Taylor from Our Haunted Lives will be there to capture the chills on camera!