VIP TICKET (No Souvenir Footage/Overnight Spot): Haunted Legends of the Northeast: Psychic Showdown at the Clifton Theater


You may go solo OR you may be part of a tour and investigate with a special guest such as Joe. Either way this ticket gives you access to EVERYTHING:

1. 3 Hours of gallery readings with 3 psychic mediums

2. Evidence review of real Warren Case files with Joe Franke

3. Movie showing

4. Popcorn, soda and pizza dinner

5. Special after hours spirit circle/seance with special guests

6. Investigation of theater


Step right up to The Haunted Mafia's (THM) thrilling Psychic Showdown at the Haunted Clifton Theater: The Warren Files in Motion! Brace yourself for a mind-bending spectacle as a team of psychics, and Joe Franke, protege to Ed and Lorraine Warren, gather this summer at the Haunted Clifton Theater for a Psychic Showdown!

Witness Medium Bianca Rose, the Human Ouija Board**, Laurissa Mary** (24 Hours In Hell), and Irene Achelois in August as they dazzle with their psychic talents in a round-robin showdown at this electrifying event! Your VIP pass grants you access to 3 hours of mind-blowing mediumship readings from each of these gifted psychics, plus a special peek at evidence from the Warren Case Files by the legendary student of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Joe Franke. Discover the truth behind infamous cases and delve into 40 years of supernatural exploration with this seasoned paranormal pro. Cap off the evening with a screening of The Conjuring House, a film inspired by one of the most captivating Warren Case Files.

But wait, there's more! Prepare to explore the 200-year-old revamped Opera House after the show and interact with spirits from different eras. And for an extra thrill, stay overnight in the theater, or opt for the Seance/Spirit Circle ticket to witness the mediums channeling communication with a select group of guests after hours.

This event will be live streamed by David Taylor and Ashley Moreno on multiple platforms at Our Haunted Lives!

There are multiple ticket choices catering to various preferences, but only a limited number of VIP tickets available. Grab them before they're gone.