Solo Investigator: Haunted Legends of New England: Dinner & a Show at Wilson Castle


Ticket description below:

Solo Investigator/Free Roam: $100

Don't like being part of a tour group? Go solo with your own equipment! Your ticket still includes all the other perks and an overnight spot at the castle! Ticket includes gallery reading, catered food and overnight spot as well as private showing of the series premier of 24 Hours In Hell.

PARA 24 Hours Psychic Tour: $160

Join the Women of 24 Hours in Hell and special guests for an exclusive event! Delight in catered food and drinks before exploring this renowned location with Laurissa and Sarah, psychic mediums and series co-creators. Experience a gallery reading before setting off on your paranormal adventure in the castle. Spend the night in a castle befitting royalty. Later on, mingle over drinks with the Our Haunted Lives and 24 Hours in Hell TV Series cast and crew during the after-party. Note: The after-party is for ages 21 and above. Please bring your own beverages. The ticket encompasses a show, gallery reading, catered food, investigation, and overnight accommodation at the castle.

PARA 24 Hours VIP Tour: $185

Indulge in catered food and refreshments before exploring a legendary location with the team at (PARA) Palmerton Area Research Alliance and investigators from 24 Hours In Hell. Ticket holders for this tour will also have the unique opportunity to experience unmatched remote viewing with Kathrine during the evening. You will receive souvenir footage as proof of this unforgettable experience. Additionally, the ticket includes equipment rental for the evening, access to rent and use equipment, and a night's stay in a castle suitable for royalty – remember to bring your bedding! Following the investigation, mingle with the cast and crew of Our Haunted Lives and 24 Hours in Hell TV Show while enjoying adult spirits after hours. Please note, the after-hours event is for those aged 21 and above. Feel free to bring your own beverages. The ticket encompasses a show, gallery reading, remote viewing session, catered food, investigation, souvenir package, equipment rental, and overnight accommodation at the castle.

Gallery Reading: $25

This is for the gallery reading. If you are a solo ticket holder and want to enjoy the gallery reading you must purchase this ticket.

Overnight Spot at the Castle: $25

Better than driving home after a long night of investigating and opting for an expensive hotel! Grab your own bedding and an air mattress, cot or sleeping bag and find a cozy spot to shack up at the castle. Check out is 10 AM.

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure with Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos, all the way from Athens, Greece! Watch in awe as she connects you with the spirit world and even offers a sneak peek into remote viewing. Meet the cast and crew of 24 Hours in Hell, experience a gallery reading with Kathrine Sorilos, enjoy a private screening of the Series Premier, munch on snacks, and mingle with the crew. Then, dive into a ghostly exploration of a massive castle with your chosen crew or go solo on one of three thrilling guided tours.

Team up with PARA for insider tips, or listen to the spirits with the Ladies of 24 Hours in Hell as you investigate the legendary Wilson Castle. Keep an eye out for special guests from Our Haunted Lives, who might even chat with you live! End the night by bedding down with the spirits at Wilson Castle and party with fellow ghost hunters until the wee hours. The after hours social is BYOB and please remember it's 21+ to party!

Don't fret if you can't make it in person - catch all the paranormal action online with our discounted tickets. Tune in for psychic readings, meet-and-greets, and more from the comfort of your own haunt. Check out Third Eye Online Events for a ghostly good time!

Tickets may be sold as solo or tour tickets. All tickets INCLUDE:

  • Private Show
  • Catered Food
  • Investigation

***VIP tickets include overnight spot at the castle, gallery reading, remote viewing session during tour and souvenir footage as well as overnight spot in the castle.***