Haunted Legends of the Northeast: Paranormal Excavation of Coal Mine No. 9


Ticket Descriptions Below:

Solo Investigator: $75

If you purchase a solo ticket you will be released to investigate the property after check-in and our safety briefing and will NOT be required to participate in the demonstrations.

Guided Investigation & Gallery Reading: $100

The TOUR TICKETS includes the gallery reading. You will be part of an immersive and active investigation and will be on a team led by investigators at PARA. One psychic and one Lead Investigator. This ticket does not require you to purchase anything additional. We will have all the equipment and will guide you throughout the evening. However, if you are interested in handling special equipment or in keeping souvenir footage of your own tour please select the VIP tour which gives you everything.

VIP Investigation & Gallery Reading: $125

VIP TOUR tickets are the most immersive and unique tickets available. You are part of the tour BUT you are given special equipment of your own to utilize throughout the evening. You are also given souvenir footage of the investigation to keep. THESE TICKETS INCLUDE THE GALLERY READING.

Gallery Reading: $35

These tickets are perfect for the solo investigators who want to sit in on the gallery reading and then head out to investigate on their own.

PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance) and Third Eye Event Productions are back at it with a mind-bending adventure at Coal Mine No. 9 in Lansford, PA! Get ready to be wowed by Psychic Trance Medium Kathrine Sorilos dialing in from Athens, Greece for a gallery reading. Watch out for live broadcasts by David and get your camera face on - you might just steal the spotlight! Choose from solo roam tickets, tour tickets for an active investigation, or go all out with VIP tour tickets for a truly unique experience. Can't make it in person? No worries! Check out our online options for some paranormal thrills from the comfort of your couch. Stay tuned for more spine-tingling events from Third Eye Event Productions - the ghostly fun never stops! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!