Haunted Legends of the Midwest: Phantoms of Indiana State Sanitorium


Ticket Descriptions Below:

Demonology 101 Class: $25

Sit in on the legendary Demonology 1010 Class with Dave Juliano and learn about the darker side of investigating. Explore what demonology is and how it differs from exorcism. Dave, a leading expert in this field, will discuss what demonic activity looks like in comparison to typical paranormal activity and whether or not he believes there is an uptick in this type of activity lately. He will also discuss about the topic of human spirits, the classification of angels, and he will define what a demon really is and what it is not. We will also discuss the three phases of demonic presence - infestation, oppression, and possession.


Gallery Reading: $30

Gallery Reading takes place at 7 PM and end at or before 8 PM). Sit in on a gallery reading with psychic medium Laurissa Mary Rex and Leitreanna Brown and experience something unique as they receive messages from your loved ones beyond the veil. Bear witness as they communicate messages about your loved ones from the past or imperative things you are intended to know about your future. This experience is not for the faint of heart and can be very emotional.


Overnight Spot in ISS: $30

Stay overnight in ISS. This is not a glamourous option BUT after a long night of investigating it IS an affordable a viable option! Grab a tent, a cot, a sleeping bag and some bedding and hunker down in this super creepy location. Spots are first come first serve. There is a working bathroom on site and make sure you dress warm. More infor will be sent out closer to the event. You may turn in at 3 AM anywhere outside of the seance area. The location is over 200 THOUSAND square feet so we can assure you there is space for peace and quiet. You MUST vacate the location NLT 10 AM!


Seance/Spirit Circle: $30

A spirit circle is a sacred circle of spiritualism and trust where people of various backgrounds and beliefs gather to channel the other side under the direction of a gifted and trusted medium. Under the right circumstances it is a safe and spectacular paranormal experience that can leave you feeling exhilarated and hopeful about what happens when we leaved this spiritual plane. Join us as we examine this at the Fort and see who we channel with a group of strangers who become our friends on this enchanted November evening.


Solo Ghost Hunt 9-3: $55

Investigate the sanitorium solo! This ticket gives you access to the sanitorium to investigate from 9 PM until 3 AM. You must vacate the location at 3 AM. If you would like to stay overnight, you must purchase the add-on. You may also purchase tickets to the demonology class, seance and mediumship demonstrations. Please be on site for registration no later than 8:30 PM unless you purchase another ticket that requires you to be on site earlier.


VIP Gold Package Dave Juliano Tour: $175

Want to experience the sanitorium on a guided paranormal investigation with 40 years of paranormal ingenuity and the owner of the Ghost Hunter Store, Dave Juliano? Dave will take you all around the sanitorium with the latest equipment and technology available from his store, the leading provider of all paranormal equipment in the industry. Learn the best techniques and experiments known in the field of paranormal research and experience paranormal activity with genuine precision and ingenuity. Package includes all of the following:

1. Demonology Class

2. Gallery Reading

3. Seance

4. Overnight in the sanitorium

5. Tour with Dave


VIP Gold Package Leitreanna Brown Tour $200

Join Leitrianna Brown of the hit Hulu Series for a guided metaphysical tour and experience mediumship firsthand at the scariest hotspots at ISS. See the difference it makes to have a medium present to ease the communication between us and the other side and finally understand what makes mediumship so unique and special. This tour option is highly recommended for skeptics and believers alike. Ticket includes:

1. Demonology 101 Class

2. Mediumship Demonstration

3. Overnight spot at the sanitorium (bring your own bedding)

4. Afterhours spirit circle/seance

5. Tour with Leitreanna


VIP Platinum 24 Tour: 

This tour is the whole SHABANG! Experience psychic mediumship, innovation, expertise, cutting edge equipment form The Ghost Hunter Store and keep it all as souvenir footage. Let the ladies from 24 Hours in Hell take you on a tour around ISS and show you a balanced investigation with scientific and metaphysical precision for an unmatched experience you will never forget. This tour includes:

1. Demonology 101 Class

2. Mediumship demonstration/Gallery Reading

3. Seance/ Spirit Circle

4. Overnight at the sanitorium (bring your own bedding)

5. Rental Equipment (complimentary)

6. Souvenir audio and video footage of your investigation

7. Tour with 24 Hours in Hell Guests


Investigate over 200,000 square feet of abandoned haunted hospital at HAUNTED LEGENDS OF THE MIDWEST AND THE Phantoms of Indiana State Sanitarium.

The Haunted Mafia presents an exclusive event at one of the most haunted locations in the Midwest. Join Leitreanna Brown of Repossessed on Hulu, Dave Juliano, (Travel Channel/ Ghosthunter’s Store), and Laurissa Rex, psychic medium, (24 Hours In Hell TV Series/ Warren Legacy Foundation & Third Eye Events) for an unforgettable evening of investigating haunted legends and history.

Start your evening with a class led by the renowned demonologist Dave Juliano. Next, experience the extraordinary during a gallery reading with psychic mediums Laurissa Rex and Leitreanna Brown, who will use their abilities to connect with the other side and deliver messages from your loved ones. Mingle with special guests, shop for exclusive Haunted Mafia and 24 Hours in Hell merchandise and check out the latest equipment at The Ghost Hunters Store. Enjoy photo opportunities and autographs with Leitreanna from Hulu's Repossessed, and Sarah and Laurissa from the new paranormal TV series 24 Hours in Hell. Savor the concessions before embarking on your investigation of the haunted sanatorium. Later, venture into the night on a solo exploration or join a tour led by Dave, leveraging his 40 years of expertise and cutting-edge paranormal equipment. Alternatively, join the 24 Tour for a metaphysical journey around the sanatorium with Leitreanna. At 3 am, gather in a spirit circle to safely communicate with the other side under the November sky, surrounded by the ambiance of the sanatorium. Discover why a séance is more than a conjuring and can be a safe paranormal experience with trusted friends. If you're brave enough, spend the night at the hospital and test your courage at ISS.

During the evening the hosts of the #1 talk show on TVs PARAfixx, Our Haunted Lives, David Taylor and Ashley Moreno will be live during a special broadcast event. David and Ashley will be investigating the location and interviewing patrons throughout the evening.