24 Hours in Hell Series Premier Event: Live From Hell House (The Waldorf Estate of Fear)


Ticket Descriptions Below:

Series Premier/Meet & Greet/ Tour Hell House:

Come hang out with the cast and crew of the show. Be seated by 9 PM and enjoy the private screening of 24 Hours In Hell. Enjoy a behind the scenes tour before the show.

Limited Edition Commemorative Shirt:

Calling all #HellHounds! Want to remember being at the series premier for the next #1 Paranormal TV show? Grab this limited edition T shirt and rep 24 Hours in Hell.

On this Friday the 13th, delve into your nightmares and discover if you possess the resilience to endure 24 Hours In Hell. Gates open at 7:30

This new TV series goes beyond the typical paranormal investigations in abandoned and allegedly haunted locations. It digs into the complex layers of haunting within this haunted attraction which is the notorious Hell House, LLC horror movie franchise set. The investigators who ventured inside aimed to unravel the origin of these multilayered hauntings. The outcomes were both unpredictable and chilling, mirroring the nature of many nightmares.

24 Hours in Hell seamlessly combines horror, paranormal investigation, and research, featuring a cast of both seasoned veterans and fresh talents. Prepare for a viewing experience that offers a fresh outlook and innovative perspective unlike any other.

Join us for the series premiere at Hell House this Friday the 13th. Experience the show on the big screen and partake in a meet and greet, photo opportunities, autograph sessions, concessions, and merchandise.Special guests from the movie and other episodes of season 1 will also make appearances.